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Updated 11th July 2017

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A dark decorless den

The dust is disturbed yet again

They drag the dependent dreams

Out of my mind

Cobwebbed corner crumbs collect

Cockroaches will quench on claret

And they curse all the creatures

Of a quieter kind

Someone's left the door ajar

My senses are scattered so far

How brisk is the breeze that

Beckons to my brain

But before you believe

That these things make me sneeze

Brush so busy with a broom that the

Breeze blows them back again

And now I feel like nothing today

But I sit and I wait for it to go away

And I know my brain it can take no more

And I find myself falling to the floor

I cannot learn to laugh

As you hack the man in half

And you force him feebly

Flattened to the floor

A pirate patters up the pile

On her face is a senseless smile

And there's greed in that grin as she

Grasps for gains galore

I cannot work your way

And I yearn for yesterday

When my senses sought

Solutions to survive

Hassled I hauled up the hill

From a humble hovel that stands there still

With a hunger in my head like bees

Hover in an empty hive

And now you feel like nothing today

But you sit and you wait for it to go away

You know your brain it can take no more

You find yourself falling to the floor

A venom vexes the vision of my veins

Confuse cocks that crow from their vanes

You dump me in a dustbin and

Dispose of my dumb ideas

My thoughts will further and ferment

My hours are so sensibly spent

And a refuse full of failings can

Forget its financial fears

You cannot tell if you've attained the top

See not that ceiling that tells you to stop

But there's cobwebs at the cornice that'll

Clog your cravings and you crawl

The ground seems gruesome

From your misguided gaze,

Shift not the stain that so stubbornly stays

Only a fool leans her ladder on a

Floor so flimsy it will fall

And now we feel like nothing today

We sit and we wait for it to go away

We know our brains they can take no more

We find ourselves falling to the floor

© MOTH 1989

Depression is a complex thing. Index events are not always easy to identify.

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