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Updated 11th July 2017

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There are numerous places where the viability of agroforestry and forest gardening have been demonstrated in the UK. This song was inspired by one in Cornwall. When this lyric was penned in 1991 the farmer next door was selling a slice of his rare topsoil with each sod of lawn turf he harvested. There were further examples of unsustainable land use exhibited by other neighbouring folk yet they had the audacity to criticise and moan.

26 years later there is a woodland with much biodiversity, impeccable watershed and lungs.


Plans prepared

So the state that scared

Me would have ho hold

They altered the laws

That crushed the cause

And a futile fight would fold

And all you've got is your persistence

To ensure your even existence

Sanctus Vepus you show us a way

Sanctus Vepus won't you stay

Staniforth's fence

Ten years hence

Has rotted away

And Hennessy's hedge

Has left the edge

And it's here to stay

How green is your grass

And the MAFF faked farming a farce

Sanctus Vepus …....

Honey's hectares

A tractor tears

Twixt cross and creek

His treacherous turf's

A waning worth

And his tenement does reek

The grim reaper's guarding my gate

The grim reaper lies but he's too late

Sanctus Vepus ….....

You knew a nature

Man the maker

A landscape's littered lies

Plants were potted

Neurons knotted

An acrid act applies

And I apply for permission

To exist your ominous omission

Sanctus Vepus …..…

© MOTH 1991

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