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Updated 11th July 2017

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Postage and packing £2.00 as stated is to UK using Royal Mail.

One CD has to go as a “Large Letter” category item.

This is normally just over the 100g break.

The postage element is £1.30 up to 250g

The 70p remainder is packing in a nice bubble envelope. There’s not really any point in a reduction for 2 items as a combined parcel would be fatter than the 25mm and have to go as a small parcel at £2.90 plus packing. In the rare event that you want a large order then you’ll have to get in touch but it’s not really worth the hassle for only a few items.

For other destinations the following is a guide to surcharges FOR A SINGLE CD that you can add here to avoid email tennis and keep me happy. The rates are quoted directly from the current Royal Mail PDF.


£3.80 so add £2.50


£5.05 so add £3.75


£4.75 so add £3.45

For destinations with extraordinary customs regarding free speech and freedom of expression you will need to satisfy yourself that the content does not contravene local laws. I might, for your own protection, decline to send items to some destinations.

Thank You.

Postage Surcharge EU


Postage Surcharge Aus/NZ/Singapore etc


Postage Surcharge Elsewhere